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Linkos MU Latest News
How to protect yourself against duped items
Posted on 04/02/2017

Dear Linkos MU Warriors, as recently there were a lot of complaints about duped items issues we decided to remind you how to stay safe. We have a great function in our user panel called Check for duplicated items. This function allows you to check for duplicated items just by entering a character name. It will search the character, all characters in the account and all vaults. Do not trade items with people that have duplicated items in their accounts! Duplicated items are being erased periodically and we don't restore them! Although we have prevented some methods of duplicating items, there is people that still manage to do it, as this is an old beta version of the game. We can't regulate the issue properly with actual dupers as it is impossible to find out if a player has duped items or they were given to him by someone else, but with this function you can absolutely be safe. Again, do not trade with dupers! We hope this reminder will help a lot of people to stay away from scammers! Good luck and have fun in Linkos MU!

Quest system changes
Posted on 15/01/2017

Dear Linkos MU Warriors, due to some complaints about the quest system we looked at it and decided to make some changes. As we decided for quest progress not to be saved anymore we did not take into account that there was monsters only available during invasaion. As this is taking way too much time and makes it almost impossible to complete some quests, we made changes to make it actually possible to complete each and every quest within 10 minutes. For all new quests description, please click on the INFO page and scroll to the bottom to see all new requirements. We hope this comes in handy and will make completing custom quests fun again for everybody. Good luck and have fun in Linkos MU!

Linkos MU Promotional Video
Posted on 01/04/2016